Tarot courses: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

The Centre offers Mythic Tarot tuition at three levels –

The student will be taught how to differentiate between feeling, intuition, and sensing, thus enhancing their intuitive abilities.

The course is designed to suit absolute beginners, as well as students who are familiar with or working with the Tarot. For students who work in the therapeutic and holistic fields, the Mythic Tarot counselling skills can add a useful adjunct to their work. We will explore psychological interpretations of the Mythic stories and see how that gives us another insight into our inner world and the patterns that fate us.

One of the unique features of the course is that the students are privy to the course tutors' experiences as a professional Astro/Tarot consultant. Key examples will be given by the tutors of the main difficulties one comes up against in a consultation. This is a very important part of the course, as it helps students to understand on a practical level the consideration involved in a consultation. The do’s and don’ts. Prudence and caution are considered an important skill to be practiced in a consultation with a client.

Beginners & Intermediate: syllabus

The two day Beginners & Intermediate Course syllabus includes:

A journey through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, from the Fool to the World. An archetypal process, our rites of passage are reflected in the lives of the Gods of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana deals with spiritual causes of physical events.

A study of the Minor Arcana (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) which show in picture form our experiences in these four dimensions of life.

  • The Cups (Water) The story of Eros and Psyche, an archetypal love story. The four Tests of Psyche. A feminine journey. Our experiences in relationships.
  • The Swords (Air) The myth of Orestes and the Curse of the House of Atreus. The development of the mind.
  • The Wands (Fire) The Creative Imagination. The Myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. A winning of the imagination over the limitations of earth.
  • The Pentacles (Earth) Material Life. The myth of Daedalus, the master craftsman. The complex morality that surrounds the pursuit of money.

Beginners & Intermediate: What we Study

Counselling and Healing: We will explore how the Tarot can be used for counselling and healing through sample readings.

Self-Help: Self-exploration techniques will be demonstrated throughout the three levels of the course. The Mythic Tarot as a unique remarkable deck for working with oneself.

Meditation and Visualisation: Jung called the imagination 'the organ of the unconscious'. Meditation and visualisation will lead us far beyond the literal meaning of the cards. Here the student will let their imagination lead the way.

Colour: Some students may like to draw and paint the cards, as this helps to build up a personal relationship with the images through the use of colour. Sensing the atmosphere, feel and mood of a card through the language of colour develops yet another level of awareness that helps to expand the sensitivity of a reader.

Tarot Spreads: We will be looking at different Tarot spreads throughout the course. In the case studies, we will be concentrating on four main spreads.

Beginners Course: The Beginners Course consists of a minimum 18 practice reading spreads over two days. This will include a detailed program of skills needed for Tarot analysis - these skills will be taught and demonstrated throughout the course.

The Advanced Course:

The Advanced Course comprises two separate Assessment Days.

There is an assessment of the students' understanding of the material and how it can be applied.

On completion of the final assessment, the student will receive full certification.

The final Assessment Day is one day of practical application and theoretical understanding of Mythic Tarot, to be demonstrated by the student.

On completion of the assessment, the student will be given The Mythic Tarot Centre Certificate of Completion.

Further Study/Courses:

The Mythic Triumphs Course consists of four levels; a certificate is awarded on the completion of all four levels. The Mythic Tarot is based the stories of the Gods and heroes of Greek mythology, and the Jungian archetypes of depth psychology. The one day workshops complement the Mythic Triumphs Course.

The one day workshops are for students who completed the beginners and intermediate levels of the Mythic Tarot course.

One Day Workshops:

  • Theme Relationships.
  • Mythic Tarot Ryder Waite
  • Introduction to Psychological Astrology


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